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About the Founder and his Inspiration for Celebrate DNA

Alexander Coss, Founder & Chief Celebration Officer

Welcome to CelebrateDNA.com I felt compelled to create this site for two key reasons. I love being creative and this was definitely a creative outlet. And secondly, I’ve always had a fascination with ancestry, ethnicity and cultures. 

It’s been an interesting journey for myself to reconcile my own views about my nationality, race and ethnic heritage.  Turns out I’m a “Rainbow”!  A beautiful patchwork of 23 chromosome pairs with colorful ancestral contributions from people of Europe, the Americas and Africa. And those are the very broad categories. 

It’s my sincere hope that Celebrate DNA™ will inspire others to ACKNOWLEDGE, EMBRACE and CELEBRATE their heritage and human diversity in all its wondrous forms!

Through this venture, we also plan to support organizations, groups, and individuals who share our mission.   Learn more about our current partnership by visiting our We Give Back Page or visit our non-profit partner's site at:

Happy celebrating and please drop me a line anytime!